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At July 10th the new school year and a new Ashraya-Rita-home year started with 65 kids.

Praveen 1.Praveen is a orphan his father is working as laborer and is alcoholic and not given money to his family. His  mother is taking care of him and later on she has died. After two years her husband died. And then she also died and no one is taking care of Praveen. Now his grand mother is very old and she can not take care of her grand son and some one else has told about our children home and recommended her to take him and give him a good education.

Malana 2.Malana Gowda Is a orphan. His father has died many years back and Malana Gowda does not know his father and he has not seen him. Mother is a laborer and working and taking care of her son. After some time her mother also died and he became alone and some one has helped him for his studies. After some years they also left him and some one else has recommended to our home and now he is with us.

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