Individual donations
are not possible at the moment.
Ashraya has found a new main sponsor,
who wants to help with a monthly donation
of  at least Euro thousand.
Individual donations
take a Sponsorship:

  • for a child in childrenhome    25€/M
  • for a person in nursing            25€/M
  • for a nurse in clinic                  90€/M
    for a social worker                   50€/M

donate one time,  for example:

  • for a child in childrenhome        25 €
  • for a village feast                           40 €
  • for a dewing machine                  70 €
  • for a helpers motorcycle           400 €
  • for a new family house              700 €
  • for a new church building      5000 €

help as a volunteer:
write to Dr.Gerard.

copy and distribute our  FLYER

  • send Your friends a message
    by linking to
    via email or facebook.
You are invited
in different ways to
support our work by

and prayer. 

if You support
a social worker
or a pastor,
then the whole village
is blessed by Your sponsorship.