what we do

ASHRAYA SERVICES     (Ashraya is called “refuge”)
We work in five different areas:

1.) ASHRAYA – Clinic     and Medical Services
2.) ASHRAYA – Children’s home “Rita”
3.) ASHRAYA – Old people’s homes
4.) ASHRAYA – Sewing school
5.) ASHRAYA – Departments

1.) ASHRAYA Clinic and Medical Services
We have a clinic, just now closed, but has served well for many years.
In 1995 a first small clinic started operating in the slums of the 5-million metropolis of Bangalore. Irrespective of caste and religion, over a thousand patients were treated here every year. Most of them suffer from chronic diseases; Alcoholism and child labor are widespread.
Due to this distress, the ASHRAYA TRUST charity organization was founded in 2004, and in 2006 an 800 m² piece of land was purchased, and a hospital for the villagers was built.

The staff of the hospital including a doctor, a nurse, a technician, three nurses, a few helpers and a caretaker.
At the same time, mobile clinics were set up to provide patients in remote areas.
In 2009 a clinical shop was established in the village of Kantanakunte.

What did our doctor do?
In the morning he took care of the patients in our Ashraya clinic.
In the afternoon he treated patients in the nearby Kantanakunte Clinic Shop.
Once a year, he organized a public medical camp with other doctors.

2.)   ASHRAYA – childrenhome “Rita”

Our nursery is named after the deceased Mrs. Rita Heyderhoff, our founder. We have a large nursery school in Doddaballapur approved for up to 75 children. In some of our village churches, there are also small orphanages in the houses of our pastors.

In 2004, we felt a special need among the children. In the villages we saw children who could not go to school because of the poverty and alcoholism of their parents. The Ashraya services met this challenge by setting up a first small children’s home in a village and started with five children. Today 25 children live there. In four other villages similar small children’s homes were founded by the municipalities. We run a large children’s home with up to 75 children in a large new building on the premises of our clinic in Doddaballapur. The staff of the nursery consists of a leader-couple, a cook and a pedagogue.

What makes a home-leader-couple couple?
He gives the children a loving home, cares for their physical well-being and educates them to good pupils.

3.)   ASHRAYA –  Children’s and retirement homes

This is a small nursery in the village of Yemmiganur, which heads pastor’s wife.

In order to do something for the elderly, who were offended by our own children, we opened an old people’s home in Gondamagere in 2004. There live ten tenants who provide themselves. Food is provided.

In order to do something for the elderly, who were offended by our own children,         we opened an old people’s home in Gondamagere in 2004. There live ten tenants who provide themselves. Food is provided.

4.)  ASHRAYA – Sewing school and small loan action

In India the men dominate
and the women are oppressed.
Many women have unemployed, alcoholic husbands and fight for the basic care of their family. To help these women in the long term, the ASHRAYA SEWING SCHOOL was established in 2004. The first sewing course was attended by two women.      Today 12 women are trained each year in two courses. All of them have been employed in state-owned textile companies, and they are glad to be able to earn their living themselves.

In 2012, we started a small loan project.
20 sewing machines were distributed to 20 women. These purchase their machines by guaranty purchase with 5 € / month.
They thus build up their own existence.
After 15 months they own the machines.
A further 20 new machines can then be purchased from the repayments.


5.)   ASHRAYA – Departments                                   
We have departments in 26 villages:
12 meeting rooms,
14 House Meetings organized by staff.
The work of the Ashraya ministry is to reach people of all social classes in India with the love of Christ, as our Lord teaches, “What you have done to one of my least brethren, you have done to me” (Matthew 25:40).
With great dedication and selflessness,       Dr. Gerard dedicated himself to bringing the disadvantaged people in his country close to the love of Christ. This resulted in numerous church communities.
Here the list of the first four:

• Ashraya Cross Road Center: This oldest center for people at the border of our society was established 2006 in Alipura/Gundamgere sponsored by Dr. Gerard himself.
Siehe VIDEO (7 min. english)

• Ashraya Breland Center: Thanks to a private donation from Germany, this meeting-room was built in 2007 in Shettyhalli.

• Ashraya Baptist Center: This center was built in the same year in Kenchanapura in Doddabele .

• Ashraya Soldiers Baptist Center: In Bagepalli the foundation of the Heilsarmee community was established in 2008.

Many other centers have been built so far. At present there are about 13 thousand believers gathered in 12 assembly rooms and 14 house assemblies for worship services. They are supported by currently 40 employees (pastors), their service includes a strong social component in the field of development aid.

Background-Infos:      See VIDEO: Ashraya Ministries  (30 min. english)


India is a republic of 35 countries and territories with a population of about 1.2 billion people. Despite rapid economic growth, India continues to face considerable problems. The recent economic development has further increased the gap between rich and poor. Despite the growing growth rate, 42% of the population lives on less than € 7 a month. 40% of children under three are under-nourished, 80% of aborted children are girls. 33% of all adults suffer from chronic strength deficit.

In this country suffering from the economic situation, the ASHRAYA services play an important role.